A lot of companies have been permitted to drive vehicles that do not need human help in California but Zoox has come to be the very first to be allowed to really transfer people in these vehicles. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has allowed the company in first,shocking quite a lot of people

This news was met with quite a lot of skepticism and criticism due to the injuries occurred due to the negligence of self-driving cars in the past

The Catch

Zoox is required to have a security driver behind the wheel at all times during the whole testing phase and also won’t be permitted to charge any passengers for rides(Yay! for free rides I guess). And, since it is a part of this next generatin programme, Zoox should supply reports and data to the CPUC about any episodes, No. passenger kilometers traveled and passenger security protocols along with the end user satisfaction and the complaints they had if any.

“That is a significant milestone on the pathway to deploying a completely autonomous business provider which would be the face of the future” Zoox
head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs.

This comes three weeks after Zoox analyzed sovereign rides as part of their International Action Summit, also four weeks following Zoox co-founder Tim Kentley-Klay’s ouster by the business in late August.

Zoox ultimately plans to deploy autonomous vehicles by 2020 from the kind of its very own ride-hailing support. The cars themselves will soon likely probably be all-electric and entirely autonomous.

What would be the advantage?

They early permit would probably help Zoox with faster and more accurate vehicles before the other big players like Lyft or Uber. By turning fully automated the company would no longer have to be worried about paying real people for the jobs along with being eco-friendly(thus would not receive much criticism) thus reducing the overall price drastically which in turn could help the company to lower its fare and thus grab a huge chunk of the market in the future

Zoox’s license with the CPUC is great before December 21, 2021. For some history, the CPUC includes two pilot applications set up. One is to get passenger screening using a security driver and the other one is for passenger screening with no security driver in the automobile.